Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ok,ok,ok don't get me started about American Idol and Kris Allen!

Actually I was sooooo sure about the outcome that I didn't watch it. I tuned in just when Ryan was announcing the winner. Apparently I missed a really crappy coronation song co-written by Kara DioGuardi. The only thing I can say is: You voted for him, you have to buy his record, he is YOUR idol now!

On a more pleasant front...2 weeks ago I scored some really cute aprons at a church thrift shop. In between running the house,preparing the garden and the garage sale I just had time last night to iron them, so here they are!
First pic a pink and white cutie, so fresh and springlike! Super nice condition!
Second pic: this one doesn't have pockets but is really 'crisp' with 3 beautiful red apples and a green and white checkered background.

3rd pic: I love this one! it is NEW, vintage but new! Still in the wrapper! Unbelivable! Some used the mitts and they are long gone, but the apron is pristine (see 4th pic).
Last but not least: A 70's apron, no pocket but a black button to hold a dishcloth or a mitt. I love those flowers!
As time goes by I find myself more and more attracted to vintage fabric...A genetic trait I've heard, from my father's! LOL
Tomorrow I'll try to write a post about church basement wednesday ('coz I found cool stuff!)

OMG the garage sale is saturday! I'm so excited, I hope a lot of people will come (and find our stuff cool! Not greasy tupperware crappy! LOL) I also hope to get rid of a lot of stuff,so we don't have to haul everything to Salvation!

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