Monday, June 27, 2011

Oooooh! Diamond hiding in Value Village!

I had written a fabulous and witty post but blogger just ate it up! QWERTYUIOLMNBVCXZ!"/$%?&*IO)!

So here goes! Yesterday (Sunday) we decided to head west (yes again) to Morrisburg to visit the McAffie's Flea market. Morrisburg is about 35 minutes west of Cornwall by the scenic highway (translation: yard sales and Market Place flea where we got our buffet and credenza).
I had brought a boatload odf magazines (not vintage) to donate. So I say: Do you think Value Village is opened on Sundays (a surprising amount of shops are closed on Sunday in Ontario) and Dan answers: I guess so. Anyways we have to drive by...and lo and behold it is open! I'm just gonna pop in to drop the mags, ok?

So Dan says: I'm sure you're gona browse, no? Of course I am! And I was rewarded with this....

Oh yes come to mamma! You beautiful Cinderella Promotional 1958 decorator casserole!
I'm gonna make you mine! All mine, all mine.....My precious.......

And for only...

Even Dan was excited! And that is a big deal coming from someone who works to move the collection out of the house!

I really enjoy McAffie's Flea market but the sellers have CRAZY prices!

See the Friendship 403 in the background? Well the seller wanted 23$ for it!
And she kept hovering and asking me if I wanted some help! I DON'T WANT HELP LADY' YOU PYREX IS TOO FREAKING EXPENSIVE, SO I TAKE PICS TO POST ABOUT IT ON MY BLOG! OKAY? 

That felt goooood!

Pardon the crappy pic, the lighting was horendous!

The big Hostess bowl was going for 35$, really!

Another crappy pic!

My fave booth is the basement! It is basically one huge, dusty, hodge podge booth and the lady wants to sell! You know what that means, right? Great deals!

My For Trade post you come out any day now!

Sleep tight :)


Paskiaq said...

What a great score!! :)

De tout, de rien said...

Ooooooh, great find! I would love a Mod Kitchen casserole. I found one at VV a while back, but unfortunately it was dishwasher faded, so I passed, and they wanted $6.99 for it! The nerve! You got a great deal!

Is your kitty feeling better?

Daydreaming in Turquoise said...

Love that 1958 promotional piece! I'm hoping to stumble across one for myself someday. Great find and such a great price!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

You scored big, girlfriend. It's little moments like these that keep me going. I can't get over the hapless pricing at VV. They usually overprice Pyrex, but occasionally someone slaps a cheap price sticker on it.

This piece has so much character. You deserve it.
Hope you're well.

Zootsuitmama said...

OOO love that pattern! and the color!

Jill said...

Love the promotional!!! I saw a divided dish yesterday, $30 - I think it'll still be sitting there this time next year....

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Ack -Thats an amazing pyrex. You've got the touch, cupcake!

Chelsea said...

I LOVE the mod kitchen casserole. What a great find, and for an amazing price! That's the piece I look for every time I go thrifting, but to no avail. I haven't even come across a ridiculously-priced mod kitchen in person.