Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reno Update and Pool 2, Miss V a big fat ZERO!

I just wanted to share a view of the new drapes...

New paint,new floor, new drapes= Totally fabulous!

Do you remember the curtain rods we picked up super cheap @ a garage sale a couuple of weeks ago?

here's the fleur-de-lys finial

Not bad , eh?

Now for the pool...The weather has been wet and terrible and we have a whole region that's been flooded for more than a month and they say the water should receed within 3 weeks. They won't get money from their insurance because it's an act of God. The goverment is supposed to help them, but I doubt that our prime minister will remove poop soaked gyprock anytime soon....

Now for my regular readers, you know what I do this time of year!
I battle with the pool! 

So summer is coming fast and I had to start the pool. First I'd forgotten that I'd broken a part last I had to buy another, then I 'lost' the blue backwash pipe and I had to buy another....Sunday I installed most of the pipes....Then the heatwave hit, it was so hot I was sweating bullets at 6:30 am. I felt dirty and sticky by the time I got to work!"/$%?&*(....

Last night we removed the pool cover and I screwed on the last pipe, I filled the pool ,added the chemicals and OMG the stench! Sweet Mary mother of Jesus! I thought I was gonna pass out in my own backyard!
It smelled of rotten eggs and judgement day, oh yes if judgement day had a smell it would be the one that emanated from my pool! SHEEESH!

It took forever to fill.....really. I had to get ready for today so I came inside to take a shower, then went back outside in my pj's and rubber boots (real sexy). Finally the moment I'd been waiting for! I turned one the motor's switch and heard the filter filling and the water circulating and then....What is that? I heard the distinct sound of dripping water and spurting water! None of my connections were water tight! OMG! With the flashlight I rummaged in the shed for a screwdriver and tightened all the connections...I flipped the switch again and water was still gushing, so I turned everything off and came back inside, sore and sick of the pool.

This evening I came in the house and went outside to check the pool. I removed and screwed back on the filter's plug and a miracle it didn't leak anymore! Since we had a lot of wind in the last few days....The pool was full of leaves that I decided to remove with the net, there was a lot of them....and also a dead something flotting in the pool! OMGOMGOMGOMG A DEAD ANIMAL IN THE POOL! I NEARLY PUCKED RIGHT THEN AND THERE! IT IS A RAT OR A SQUIRREL! I came in the house screaming EWEWEWEWEWEWEW! THERE'S A DEAD RAT IN THE POOL!
Dan promised to take care of it tomorrow. So as you can see the pool won and it's not running yet!

Pool 2, Miss V 0

Tracy, I miss posting often too! I just have so much stuff to do, it's like I have 2 jobs!  

Have a great night! I hope to post tomorrow as well :)


Douce France..... said...

And on top of all that, It was freeking cool this morning!!!
Have a nice week-end!

De tout, de rien said...

Oh but you have fabulous new drapes and floor, so give yourself an A+++! (P.J.s and rainboots, love it!!!)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh no, nothing worse then a stinky pool. Hang in there and I'm sure it will get clean! I do love the drapes!

Zootsuitmama said...

Seems like you're making progress! Just think how nice it will be to jump in that pool on a hot day!

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

We had the pool fight last weekend-hang in there, it WILL get better!

Mick said...

livingroom looks great! We used to put up a pool but ever since we got lake cabins its been kinda pointless as we're always out there, i remember one summer the liner in the pool was so rotten its just exploded with all us kids in it and gushed out into the yard haha!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

OMG - yuk. You're like the second person this season who has said something about being sick of having a pool.

and I know you're busy, just sayin...