Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blackberry Bounty!

This is an amazing ime of year it is blackberry time! More than 10 years ago a friend twisted my arm to take one blackberry plant.....I confess that I planted it where I would not see it! LOL

But since then I've learned to appreciate this easy care plant. Ok you need to trim it in September but besides that it requires NO CARE! I'm NOT KIDDING! REALLY!

I trim it in the fall (with gloves of course) and let it go. This year I've had a major BUMPER crop (sorry for the sintax, remember I am a french canadian by birth).

Usually I have to fight bird and probably rodends for fruit, but not this it that the harvest is late and birds can stuff themselves on Saskatoon berries? Maybe!

Now I can understand why blackberries are soooo expensive in the farmer's market....They are quite time consuming to harvest! And you have to deal with mosquito bites, thorns and bending and stretching.

Here's part of the blackberry plant. It is really a good 12 feet longer. Usually it grows in height not lenght...

That is really strange!

Here the heat is brutal and even with the best will I wasn't able to really get ahead in the garden because of the crazy heat. I water and that is about it. I float around a lot in the pool. The vegetable garden looks great: I might have tomatoes...I see two smallish ones....No cherry tomatoes.....I picked a yellow sweet pepper....We eat our lettuce almost every night and I think we will munch on green or yellow beens next week.

On the thrifting front, well you know it's not that easy to thrift when you work full time....and most of the church basements are closed during the summer.....bummer!

But we did find this at Renaissance:

A nice shaker with all the parts and a bar spoon as a bonus for 2.99$ SWEET!

Oh I forgot to show a pic of the blackberries and my latest Pyrex find....

Yep I got a Square Flower Green cassrole, which I never liked before but now I just LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEE the pattern! Unfortunately the seller never mentionned that this sweet casserole had quite a ride in the dishwasher.....

On the job front well believe it or not I still feel stressed out of my mind!

The company decided to add permanent positions to my group (basically my job was becoming permanent) and if I wanted to stay I had to apply for it and pass an interview, which I did.

I didn't get the job...some guy who's not bilingual (remember this is Qu├ębec folks and you need to speak both french and english to get a decent job) but has an accounting degree got the job......

I also had another interview but I'm still waiting for the result....

in my current job well now is the time when my crappy training comes shining through! It seems I did a lot of mistakes and now the crapp is raining all over the place!

I'm sure I will pull through because I'm a fighter and always have been! I survived my crazy mother didn't I?

Have a great Monday :) 


Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

I had no idea that people 'domesticated' blackberry bushes!

Here on the West Coast, they grow wild and crazy and will take over acres of land if not kept under control. They grow along roadsides and highways and train tracks and farm fields. We have them growing over our back fence from the field behind us. Free blackberries! And free security system. It's like having barbed wire 100feet wide and 15 feet deep!

De tout, de rien said...

Oh I sure hope you get the job. That would suck if you didn't! You haven't been there that long, they should make some allowances for your mistakes!

Keep us posted.

Did you bake something with your blackberries?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Those berries look so yummy! I have picked black berries before and it isn't an easy task for sure.

Douce France..... said...

I just love blackberries. They used to grow freely in my father's garden and the "cathrinette" were'nt to far. Hope things ok for you at the job. You should come for a beer Friday night. We would talk Pyrex around the pool!
Give me a call. I think I left you my phone number on a previous email. Take care