Monday, September 22, 2014

It Finally Dawned Upon Me

And it was really time that dime fell ! I live in Quebec....At one point the temperature will fall and vegs will stop growing.

I've had a veggie garden for 10 years plus and I always try to wait until the last possible minute until I dig everything out...Crazy!

So last Saturday I decided to rip all the tomatoes out, because they won't grow anymore...Tomatoes do not like the cold...

So I kept all the big tomatoes (I will monitor them everyday) and all the cherry tomatoes that showed some sign of ripenning...

 So with h etomatoes gone I am able to let the kale grow a bit longeras well as the arugula

And I was really happy to see that the spicy yellow pepper was showing signs of re-growth!

So I might get  acouple of peppers before the frost!

Next year I will plant less tomatoes and more beans!

Sleep tight :)

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

It is finally starting to cool off a bit here also!