Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Friend

A week after my Dad's passing, we are still hurting. It is better not much but better.

I am a happy person, I sing , I dance, I laugh....everyday. I find it so hard to be sad and unhappy.

Out of the sadness came a little bundle of fur!

World this is Meghan, Meghan this is the world.

She's really sweet and playful and Boubou played with her.
Tonight she will be meeting Bandito.

Yoda is spending the night at the Vet. She's been feeling blah since my Dad's passing....
It might be urinary.

Dad Loved Meghan very much. We had a health/poop updated every day

Well Dad you will be happy to know that Meaghan is pooping fine everyday.

Sorry about that, LOL

Sleep tight :)


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sweet kitty girl. I am sure she glad to be with you now. It has taken me weeks to start to deal with my brother's passing so I know losing your Dad has been really hard. Hugs to you my friend.


Cheapchick said...

What a lucky cat that you can take her. So many animals get left by the wayside when someone passes. She doesn't know where her Dad went but she has you :)

Datapakboy said...

La santé est dans le poopoo!!!