Monday, November 21, 2016

In the garden

Fall is definitely the season of the we have to; We have to rake the leaves, we have to plant bulbs,

we have to plant the perennials, we have to weather proof, we have to put the storm windows....
I am sure that you get the gist!

So I am posting pictures of the garden

The fountains have been emptied, the water garden - same. Leaves have been racked and bulbs have
been planted. the windows have been taken care of...

Now it is time to think about Christmas!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Its a lovely garden so worth the work! I'm ready to have Turkey on Thursday and then set up my Christmas tree! LOL!!

Cheapchick said...

Good thing you guys got all that done as I saw on the news last night Montreal received a big snow storm? We are receiving lots of wind and rain, the usual. Hopefully we will get a break so we can put up our exterior Christmas lights on the house this weekend. I love the Christmas season - takes some dreariness out of the winter with all the lights.