Friday, October 27, 2017

NYC OH How I love you

This will be the start of an NYC series.

We visited last weekend , October 20th-October 23rd 2017.

I planned this trip on my Dad's dime.....

After  his passing in January 2016, 
I learned that I could transfer his frequent flyer miles
and use them...

He had 900,000

In May 2017 I gifted hotel stays to my daughter.
She went to Atlantic City and NYC.

Now it is our time!

Being the crazy planner/vintage lover 
that I am...I needed to visit 
The Salvation Army!

 This SA is on 46th street near 11th avenue.
this is one of the smelliest SA
I've ever visited...
the stairs are so worned and old. The threads are all slick
and you can see the damage generations of thrifter have
done to the stairs....

Great big space and not much to thrift


That is the only interesting i found,
I left it there for others to cherish....

This was my 6th visit to NYC in 40 years.
I find that each visit has a theme and for me NYC is so
much more than attractions to visit.
SA was a let down but not NYC!

Have a great night night


Linda @ A La Carte said...

How wonderful you got to use those frequent flyer miles. Sweet memories and a big thank you to Dad at the same time. I love the description of the old Salvation Army but sorry nothing caught your eye. Maybe next visit. I would love to go to NYC and see the sights since I've only been there once over 30 years ago. Hugs!

Cheapchick said...

Welcome back my friend! Wow, your dad must have collected and never used a single mile, so nice for you to be able to use them for yourself and family. I will make it to NYC one day but not for a while. My stepson met a girl and is moving to Ottawa in February to be with her so the likelihood of me actually making it to Quebec in the next two years is pretty good as is so close!

A. Marie said...

Hi, VF. What a great gift from your dad those FF miles were!

And I'm sorry the SA you visited didn't pan out for you. If you happen to get up to the 96th St. area, I can recommend three thrift shops close to the 96th St. 1/2/3 subway station: the SA on W. 96th, the Housing Works shop on Broadway just north of the subway station (pricey but interesting stuff), and the St. Francis Thrift Store on W. 96th (just east of Broadway, near the Church of the Holy Name of Jesus). The SA is hit or miss, but I've had very good luck at the other two. One of my BFFs lives at the corner of 97th and West End Ave., and she didn't know about any of these till I came visiting from Upstate!