Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ahhhhhh! Cornwall!

Yesterday I left you just after the Canadian customs ( Did I mention that we had to pay 3$ U.S each way to cross a very tired bridge???) We were back in Cornwall and famished the soup was long gone!!! I'm not really a fast food person but once in a while a Harvey's burger tickles my fancy!!! I included a picture of their (now retro!) red and yellow decor.....Then a quick stop the the Value Village to find a cute Pyrex Woodlands casserole no 471 (my favorite size...) and monday was a 50% off day so that little beauty was a true find for 1.49$. My favorite street in Cornwall is Pitt st. A street that time forgot but still with some life: A couple of diners, a couple of bars, some nice gift stores, a bakery. And it has a real retro feel. On a cross street I spotted a thrift store where I found some treasures for my Etsy boutique....The blue and green ashtray, the Pyrex sygarbowl and the nice decanter will make nice additions to my existing inventory.
Or last stop was Riley's bakery (I took a picture of their window but it didn't turned out nice). I had never been there because it closes at 1 PM saturdays so I threw myself in and ordered a bread and 2 little individual tarts: Almond and Butter Pecan.....Both were inhaled after supper and one thing is for sure.....I will come earlier on saturdays to buy more of those Almond tarts....OMG!
So as you can see the day finished on a high note and maybe Dorothy had it right when she said " There's no place like home...."

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