Friday, February 20, 2009


I do have a lot of Pyrex....but never too much! And I realized that I don't really use it in sets ( Even if I make the bowl set rotation in the a set du jour, or more a set du mois-I try to change the bowl set every month-not always working!!!)
I realized that I use my bowls in sizes: I cut ingredients for a recipe, I pull out a lot of small 501 bowls, bigger recipe bigger bowls (you get the picture? I'm sure you do!) So I decided to re-arrange my big armoire to feature all the 501s together, all the little casseroles....So far I have done only one shelf, but so far so good! Not working outside the house is pretty exhausting! LOL
And let's face it boys and girls I will have to start looking for work pretty soon :(
But I digress....

And thank you for asking I do feel better! lol
And I have finished season 2 of Angel...On to season 3!!!
I promise not to stuff myself with mindless tv. I will watch it in small doses (Only one or 2 episodes daily!!!)
Actually I have no idea if I'll be able to manage that....chukles...Is there a TV anonymous???? Or an internet anonymous???
Don't you just love the color of Pyrex? It still makes my heart sing!
But the collection takes a lot of place....Why, oh why didn't I fall in love with stamps.....coins???? something light and small???
Probably because I am so visual and the Pyrex colors and the patterns.... A true JOY for my color starved eyes.....Spring oh spring were art thou?
Ok my shakesperian spelling leaves something to be desired! Like all of you are so perfect!!!

LOL kidding,kidding of course you know I'm kidding....
Well folks, be good ,eat your veggies and above all be kind to your neighbors
(You never know they might have some


Anonymous said...

as always, I am green with envy at your collection. You seem to have all the patterns I desire but can never find :( boo hiss

However, it cheers me to look at your pictures!

Vonlipi said...

I am so glad to hear from you!

I know how you feel! I get the same way when I look at xeryp's photostream in Flickr! It is worth a look....

Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by! :)