Monday, April 11, 2011

Signs that Spring has sprung!

I just realized that a week has passed since I last blogged! It was a busy week, lots of social, not a lot of thrifting and a big ol' spring cold.

There is some monetary stress and while I now make a good salary some things just have to be bought now, right now; like a car....and a BBQ (ours is like cooking steak over a candle) and some general upkeep for the house.

We don't want to fall in the same spending patterns we had before I lost my job. Charging stuff, not repaying them right away and ending up owing tons of money to the evil credit card companies. In the last three years I managed to clear up most of our credit card debt and I don't want to go that way again. So money is tight, but it's okay we won't go hungry.

Now how do I know that Spring is back in Qu├ębec?

I see these wonderful blue stars all over my borders....

And I love seeing the crocuses blooming!

These are my favorites1 I love to see those sunny little faces; all perky!

The street vendors are out again selling their beautiful handmade jewelry on Ste-Catherine street

The flower lady is back (year in year out, foul or fair weather)

And most of all.....
I just want to go here.....

And stuff my face with delciously decadent ice cream!

Enjoy the sun, while I treat my cold. I hope to spend more time at home, blog more and definitely thrift more!

I can feel delicious goodies out there :)


Maureen said...

Your crocuses are ahead of mine! Soon you'll be growing veggies and saving a little money there too.

De tout, de rien said...

Good things are coming your way!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

How funny, I just did a spring post with flowers today too. Chicago is being fickle and it's taking AGES to feel like spring here. :(

Love the feather earrings and I crave ice cream too.

Piorra Maison said...

wow a fellow Quebecer. 90% of my readers are from the US. I have been trying to find some fellow bloggers. Hope you can pop on by my blog.