Saturday, April 16, 2011

Still Pissed OFF!

I must admit that I'm still pissed OFF about the Pyrex feature in Country Living. Every time one of those 'well meaning' magazines publishes something about Pyrex, thte prices soars and they are so much harder to find! The first moron to do that was our friendly neighbourhood busybody , the one and only Martha! If she had left good enough alone we would be able to buy jadeite and Pyrex for pennies. Yes I know Rachael Ray is in the same boat.
And no way the prices are accurate for the Pyrex. If it was I would be able to buy a small third world country with what I have!!!

I was packing away my hutch this morning....because the imminent weekend of painting is nearly  upon us...and here is what I found:

As you probably know, this is a Pyrex restaurant ware pattern: Green Fern.

How ever if you turn the bowl over this is what you see....A Fireking bowl with a Pyrex pattern? How crazy is that??? What hapened here? Did Anchor Hockings decide to copy Pyrex? Did they share production facilities and a booboo happen? I don't know!
If you have info please share!  

Other than that I cleaned and replaced itrems from the store, cleaned some Stephen King bookds and shrink wrapped them and started to make boxes of paperbacks to donate. We have a lot to do before we start to paint the living room/dining room/ hall (damn you open living!). Having big room is much harder to decorate!
Speaking of cleaning and packing...I emptied the hutch and I was able to fill 7 boxes of dishes! OMG! Wait till I empty the big Pyrex cupboard! LOL!   


Mick said...

I KNOW IT JUST GOES ALL OVER ME! Now theres just one more reason for them to jack the prices up... I can already tell you the next 2 trends that are going to affect things will be A) vintage Red handled kitchen appliances, and B)Pink lawn flamingos... oh and BTW I gave thanks to you on my latest blog post ;)

Nik said...

That story really pissed me off when I got wind of it. Now that it's considered trendy to do it, there will be no pyrex left for the folks who really have a deep love for the stuff.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Honestly, in NJ at least in my area they charge crazy prices for crap and Im not even kidding. I go to a junky thrift shop and a large bowl thats in crappy condition will have an 8$ sticker on it. The hell? That shop in cape may was worse - broken jadeite for retail... I think they just see pyrex and think anyone will buy anything... its worse at house sales put on my dealers... that square pyrex set thats rare, yeah but $50? when I have to crawl around in a dirty old basement for it and pick spiders out of my van for weeks?


AmyC ~ said...

We went to an estate sale last wkend. I picked up 4 Pyrex dinner plates (milk white w/ 2 turquoise rings). I checked a couple to be sure they were Pyrex. Hubs was washing them that night and found that 1 was Anchor Hocking. They are the same size, pattern and color (but if you look close, the turquoise is off just a lil).