Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hand Cream Fish and Urban Gardens

Hand Cream Fish and Urban Gardens

Ok so I’ve made a mid-year read Xmas in July resolution: To post more, even if I’m bummed out or have nothing spectacular to write.

First a job update: There’s no BS at work ,Maureen. What happens is that my group was severely under staffed, they decided to post the jobs, I applied but didn’t get it because I don’t have the right kind of degree....So now the positions are filled and since I am a temp I’ll have to go eventually. My boss did promise they would keep me until the end of my contract; i.e November.

So now I’m trying to find another job within the company but so far no luck. Send positive energy my way tomorrow afternoon because I’ll be in another interview! I’m starting to have a lot of experience with these things!

But I’m also starting to wonder if my boss will honor her promise and really keep me until November...

I need to keep my faith that everything will be fine.

I love working in the west part of downtown. There are so many restaurants and I’m always on the lookout to try new cuisines. I love asian foods, I’m totally addicted to Dim Sum, Vietnamese soups (Pho)and sandwiches (Bhan Mi), chow mains and sushi . I tried Korean food and was very surprised that kim chee; one of their national dishes; wasn’t really that spicy. Kim Chee is a Korean pickled cabbage. They eat it morning,noon and night.....

So a couple of weeks ago I’m on the prowl and I spot a Chinese restaurant on McKay street that looks promising so I look at the menu in the window and see this.....

In English the name of the dish is Fish with cream corn sauce but they write it source and they translate it in French to Filet de poisson avec sauce creme de mains (cream of hands filet of fish) which I found totally hilarious! I don’t know where they got there translation but people be careful with web translators; whenever I used them they give me crazy stuff!

Still on McKay street you can find beautiful planters with veggies ! They are part of an effort by a Concordia community group to green up the street!

Sunflowers, onions and ground cherries

Pretty cabbage

Such a sweet sunflower!

ooh grape tomatoes! They look mighty tasty!

Those planters always make my day and I go out of my way to pass by them!

Did I metion that we are learning italian?

It is super fun and a great way to keep our minds nimble!

Still trading the Pyrex and I should post new items soon ;)


Maureen said...

Sending good thoughts and karma your way for tomorrow.

Have you ever been to La Louisiane on Sherbrooke West in NDG? Yummy! Cajun/creole food. You can sit outside too!

De tout, de rien said...

Hmmm, that hand cream fish sounds goooood! What kind is it, Vaseline, Jergens? lol!

This is why you need a human translator. (That's what I went to school for and did for many, many years. Studied at Concordia, coincidentally!) Machines will never replace us! Otherwise you risk having the label on your item made in Turkey, well, made by the bird in French. I've seen it.

Good luck on the job front, Valerie!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh this job market is crazy. Sending many good vibes your way!