Monday, March 19, 2012

Third time's a charm!

Well I've been trying to post since last thursday! A recap? Why not!

On thrusday night I wrote a lengthy bitch fest on the thrift store I frequent most (Renaissance) and it's sad looking employees, assholesque assistant manager (with the dirty teeth) and the bat crazy customers.

Blogger wouldn't have anuthing to do with it and even if I saved it multiple times, it vanished. It was late and I gave up.
On friday in my lunch hour I wrote the same (basically) in a Word doc and emailed it home . Guess what? I never got it!
And well you know how it is on the weekend....clean,clean,clean,nap,cook,throw out stuff, watch tv, clean,clean,clean, cook, cook,cook, wash a load or 2 and whamo it's monday morning!

Did I mention that we officially adopted Bandito?

He's a sweetie, has been castrated and we discovered he had previous injuries on the nose and near the scrotum (ooch). He's on the mend now and even if he's using the liter for the solid stuff he still has problems with number one and we cleaned a lot of it on the weekend (when you have animals you must not be materialistic).

Ok so now I'm back on track (let,s make a save just in case....)

What I found on Thrusday night on my weekly stop at Renaissance in Verdun!

I actually go in not expecting anything but still praying and hoping and trying to navigate around the smelly crazies and huge families who shout about a spoon.

Too bad the picture is kinda grainy!
Yes you saw that right! It's a Pyrex pixie in avocado, barely used and a delicious avocado letter holder with an owl!

I knew if I went often enough I would find stuff!

Here's a close up of the owl thingy

I will be listinh the owl letter hold in my Etsy shop shortly.

And good news! I started to list things in my shop again (I guessed I had the post Xmas blues....)

I listed these beauties....

A 70's tree top ornement from Eaton's

A super cute plaid tote

And a portable ironing board


Well have a great evening and I hope to write soon


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Yay glad you got to post! Hoping Bandito is doing well. Love the avocado Pyrex! hugs, Linda

Jill said...

Mom and Dad had that very tree topper! It might have come from Eaton's too!

Those mini ironing boards are the best!