Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just what the doctor ordered!

This morning I was sitting at my desk feeling a bit queasy and I said to myself; Miss V you know what you need?
You need a big ol’ bowl of love, a bowl of Pho! So at 11:30am I was on my way to Saigon restaurant on Metcalfe.
I ordered a big bowl of beef pho. I was not disappointed! The broth was rich and tasty with slices of raw beef (they cook quick enough in the broth) and oodles of rice noodles. YUM!

I made everything right in my world! Now I’m ready to attack the workload!

I actually only left some onion, after all I work with people!

I want to welcome my new followers! 10 days ago I had 204, yesterday  205 and surprise! I now have 207! SWEET!

I'm quite excited to go a thrifting tomorrow at Renaissance because I've been lucky in the past few weeks!

Ususally people with no money prefer new brand spanking stuff not the vintage stuff I cherish s that makes for lovely finds!

Some I keep, some I sell

That's the way the cookie crumbles

Sleep tight!

Don't put away your coats and boots quite so soon we might have more snow soon! It is only March 21st afterall! 


France Guérin said...

Looks good!

I wonder what do you keep for yourself other than Pyrex....

Melissa said...

Looks yummy!