Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's all beef!

By now you probably know that I get a kick out of shopping in ethnic groceries, specially oriental ones.

One of my fave is in Verdun on Wellington street, I have no idea of its name. And in fact is is more than an oriental grocery, it is also a latino and african grocery that catters to a large immigrant population in Verdun.

So it is a bonanza of exotic, cool stuff!

The meat is very fresh and as a matter of fact I buy pork for stirfrys that is really lean and delicious.

Here's what I saw the other in the meat counter...

the tag says viande de boeuf (beef meat). Yes it is, but it is
really beef heart.
More beef meat (viande de boeuf)
looks like beef, but what cut is it?
What is this? Beef tail? no clue but it is still called viande de boeuf
(beef meat). Funny no?
I won't be buying the last cut anytime soon, because I have no idea what to do with it....
But I could go for the second .
Have you seen interesting things in grocery stores lately? 

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Jill said...

My Mom used to mAke stuffed beef heart all the time,it was so good!! It doesn't sound so appetizing but it really was!!