Sunday, May 5, 2013

What happened to Spring?

Truly I have no idea!

Less than 3 weeks ago we had snow on the ground, 2 weeks ago I was wearing a winter coat....

This week I'm running trying to find my summer clothes!

But I found time for my numero uno get ready for nice weather ritual! A pedicure! Homemade but a pedicure nevertheless.

So I would be ready to waer my brand new summer shoes

They are turquoise and totally fab!
Who doesn't love turquoise?
Be well!


Grunge Queen said...

Pretty toes! I love turquoise shoes, ever since I bought a pair for my grade 8 grad in the 80s. Sounds like Canada is getting better weather than Annecy - looks like you're having near heat-wave! Jealous. Enjoy! Xo

svelteSTUFF said...

I'm usually not much of a 'shoe person' ~ but I am SERIOUSLY Loving on your Turquoise Beauties!