Sunday, April 28, 2013

New beginnings

We did a lot of cleaning ,window washing, curtain cleaning, purging,shining,polishing over the weekend.

So I got to change one of the kitchen display

                                             Doesn't it look so fresh?

Thankfully these hardworking people were able to join friends and have dinner and deliver some Pyrex

                                           We were invited by Dan's sister in law for supper and what do you know she adopted a nest of bowl!


Old Orchard set in its new home
To tell you the truth I'm soooo tired, I need to turn in to be fresh for tomorrow :)
Sleep tight!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

The shelves filled with lovely Pyrex look great! Glad that set of bowls got adopted!


kateken said...

The blue and white pyrex looks so pretty. I only recently opened a google account so I wasn't able to comment here before, but I'm a regular reader!

Mick said...

Turquoise, turquoise, everywhere and all for Queen Vonlip ;) Looks wonderful. i think of you all thew time when i use my PRIZED yellow fridgie that you sent me all the way for Canada!

ColibriNB said...

It looks great! It's nice to share Pyrex too.