Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just what the doctor ordered!

Well the doctor didn't order anything, but I knew that I needed some R & R! And thrifting of course!

Didn't get much thrifting done, but I rested and relaxed an recreated.

We packed a small bag and went to Saranac Lake, NY in the North Country. It is just my kind of place...Forests, lakes, crispy air, no responsabilities.....

We had snow,rain and hail; it was so beautiful!

So definitely we are northern people, I don't think we'll be moving to Texas or Georgia anytime soon.

It was so nice. We ate great food too!

                Actually I was so relaxed I forgot to take pictures of Saturday's lunch and dinner.
                This is corned beef hash with homemade bread from the Blue Moon Cafe.

                                   OMG it was one of the best breakfast I'd ever had! And my first corned beef hash experience.

                                 It is a really hippie homie place.

Super cute mini terrace!
We will definitely go back
The food was fresh, homemade and reasonneably priced
This is the view from he hotel.
I hope we will be able to rent a cottage for a week soon! 


Jill said...

Love to go away on little trips like that!! Dining out and finding new places is a very important part of the time away!! Agree?.

Amanda said...

I have never vacationed up north, but I reeeeally want to! That view is so amazing. My vacations always consist of sun, sand, and a tropical drink. I'm just not built for the cold lol

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a pretty place! I hope you get another away time soon. I love corned beef hash and that plate looked mighty good to me!

saving for travel said...

That sounds wonderful! I can understand why you like it.

Sft x