Sunday, April 14, 2013

Letting go

Well this is spring cleaning time and we're going full throttle!

We changed home insurance and they are sending an inspector for a risk assessment (oh joy oh bliss)

so we'd better clean up the basement FAST!

It was a hard decision but I decided to let go of some Pyrex...Yep, culling the Pyrex.

Here's what i'm letting go so far

An Old Orchard bowl set. I'm happy to say that my SIL Johanne adopted them right away!

                                A Woodlands bowl set

A Promo Hearts casserole with warmer
A Golden Acorn divided dish
I've texted my cousins but I'm doubtful they will adopt
I won't be putting them in the shop because people will be reluctant to pay the hight shipping for those heavy pieces.
There are no flea markets renting booths in my area and I don't feel like keeping them for a garage sale....
So in case you want them, I'm giving them away but you'll need to pay the shipping.
Otherwise they will be headed to my friendly neighborhood church basement.
Deciding to let go feels amazing! 


Linda @ A La Carte said...

You know how I understand about the 'letting go' of not only the Pyrex, but so many things. I'm in a different season of my life. Do you still want the Pyrex glass bread baker? I've been looking for a good box to send it to you and think I've found one.

Jenifir said...

I would be interested in the hearts promo casserole. Is the shipping that expensive to Ottawa, I wonder? Or maybe, I would be up for a road trip?

Vonlipi said...

Jenifir: unfortunately you didn't leave your email in your profile.

I'm guessing around 15-20$.

If you're interested I'll do a bonafide quote for it.

Or if you want to pack up the kids and head east...

Anonymous said...

I'm purging my Pyrex collection too. Listed 11 pieces for sale on Craigslist....for the 3rd two months *sigh* Not getting any bites, and I'm practically giving them away! Oh well, some lucky person will hit the jackpot at Goodwill this weekend!