Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday 1:23 pm

Yes that is snow amongst the tulips.
Another spring snow fall
I'm happy I had the presence of mind to wear:
a) my winter coat
b) my big ass pale blue water proof boots
from the boot contraband at work
I dropped by the thrift store
today's weirdo was a late middle aged woman with pony tails (grey) that farted as she pushed
her cart. Good times!
I believe I preferred the guy who was sniffing the dishes last week...
Here's some stuff I left for other lucky people
I thought it was a Barbie lamp (rats) it Beauty from Beaty and the Beast
That is a weird wood watering can
YIKES! I don't know which is worse!
I did find some thrifty joy but it was crusty,so....I'll blog about them later
Be well and sleep tight :)


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Yikes to the snow! And YIKES to the crazy lady! I would have left all that behind for sure! I hate clowns!! Stay warm and here's hoping you find some treasures!

hugs, Linda

Jenifir said...

The weird watering can is actually a vintage laundry detergent dispenser:
I wish I had seen it because I would have bought it!

Vonlipi said...

Jenifir: Next time I go (next week) if it's still there I'll buy it for you.