Monday, April 1, 2013

All ready

We got an Eater lunch invitation from my cousin Josee.

She lives up north, in the mountains. She summounned what is left of the Montreal clan for an ham/ mashed potatoes/ green stuff and much fun lunch.

She asked me to do an appetizer but there was a bit of how shall I say it? That is when my dad decided he was going to make fennel salad and I was to bring chocolates....

Oh well, this got me pretty confused and finally I decides to stand my ground and actually bring some salads (which are not technically apps, I grant you).

We are baguette/ olives/ pickles/ pate app people. We like to graze.

So I made fennel and orange salad and asian slaw.

                                Dan made sure the lids were secured. What is not to love?
                                The Pimk Daisy was Gran-Mimi's so it was just like bringing her to Easter lunch; well the next best thing. 

                               I tought that the Pink Daisy and the green jug went so well together
                               I just had to snap the moment up.

                               We had a great lunch with great laughs and best of all the young ones were eager to take leftovers with them for lunches! COOL!

                                    Today we just hung out, read the newspaper and watched the final three episodes of The Walking Dead. I can't believe I will have to go without for 6 months!


Jill said...

It does the heart good to see Pyrex in action like that - love the securing method!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love that pink daisy Pyrex and also love it took a trip for Easter dinner! Glad you had a good time!

Mick said...

How wonderful that it was your Grandmimi's daisy casserole! Spring has sprun here, and I am DYING to cook and put our loving Pyrex to work. Its sat cold and lonely in the "Pyrex Cabinet" all winter, lets cook!

ColibriNB said...

Love the pink and the green jug! Glad you had a nice family gathering.

saving for travel said...

Sounds fun. It's nice spending time with families.

Sft x

Jim said...

Hello hello! Good to 'see' you today! Now that you have made me ravenous.....your family get-together sounded really nice. Always good to get together,eh?