Tuesday, June 11, 2013


So we spent about 9 months with a  mud  backyard and mud all through the house.

You know how it is.....you go outside and come back in and even if you take your shoes off; you have mud all over!

Running shoes are the worst! You think they are dry... and they are and they leave mud pellets all over the place!

So we did something about it. A landscaper was called and the grade was corrected and 30 tons of gravel and stone powder was spread...

Then we hired a builder to build a new patio. Bigger and better; less maintenance.

No more mud!
I looooove gravel compared to mud!
The gap was filled with insulating foam
It will be bigger so we have less grass to mow.
with the crazy ass weather we've been having we were lucky to get this far!
I'm hoping for an update soon! 

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Mick said...

Yay for progress! The patio/deck is going to be WONDERFUL once its finished!