Tuesday, June 18, 2013


In May 2011 my step daughter requested
to go to The Bifteck (a Montreal area steakhouse) for her B-Day. We were very disappointed because the food was tasteless and the decor dated and neglected.

The week after the place was closed. I was worried about the big old fiberglass cows that decorated the front lawn. I wished I'd bought one and placed it in my yard! Of course Dan would have none of that  !!!

Now fast forward 2 years...the place was re-bought by the original owners, revamped and the menu tweeked. Guess where my step daughter wanted to go for her B-Day? The Bifteck!!!

The food was great, so was the service and the placed didn't look stuck in the 80's anymore. And it is pretty reasonnable.

But my favorite part was this...

The sun was setting fast but I was able to get a close-up

How's that for colorful?
Of course  I love them.they're giant blowmolds!
Have a great evening!

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Jill said...

They're pretty cute!! You should have sat on one!!