Thursday, September 19, 2013

On Street Food

It seems that the city of Montreal's steet food experiment is a success as they extended the trial season

until November 3rd.

So far everything was delicious, and overall the prices were okay.

Of course I take pictures whenever I indulge...

First what I ate from Le Tuktuk (Thai inspired food truck)

                                                    This Thai style fried chicken was definitely a highlight
                                            and totally additive. The red sauce is a sweet chili sauce, sweet,
                                            sticky and a little spice. I will be back!
This is a green papaya salad. Very refreshing and spicy!
I wasn't crazy about the raw green beans...
                                            Next offering...Breakfast!
                                            Montreal being one of the world's bagel capital,
                                            it seemed fitting to have a bagel truck.
St-Viateur Bagels makes (in my humble opinion) the best bagels in town.
I had the cream cheese bagel and was disappointed.
The bagel is not toasted on the inside (where it counts), but you can buy
a dozen bagel and bring them home and toast them however you want.
                                            This amazing crab cake came from the Landry & Filles
                                             food truck. It was delicious and the corn salad made with fresh corn
                                             ,scrumptious. The down side? It was $8 and  was still hungry after....
                                             Of course I kept dessert for last...
I hadn't plan on stopping.
I was out on my midday walk and was
assaulted by the need for sweets
These certainly hit the spot!
Turnovers filled with cherries, dark chocolate and
cream cheese!
2 for $4!
The gals at the office are jealous and want some;
but Lucky's Truck is pretty elusive!
On my food truck bucket list there is The Super Truck.
Maybe next week, who knows?
Sleep tight faithful readers :)


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Food trucks look like so much fun! That dessert was my fav!!

Cheapchick said...

I have never been to Montreal but was lucky enough to taste a true Montreal Smoked bagel that someone brought back on a trip - best in the world, seriously!