Friday, September 6, 2013

So soon?

I apologize for my lack of posts. We've had some emotional happenings and I needed time to recover.

On top of it , my cousin Josee, pointed today that I wasn't writing in the blog....

On August 25th we had the fueral service for Rejeanne my mother in law. It was beautiful, simple, my Dad and all the cousins came( Josee with her sweetie, Nathalie and David).

Our friend Josee (who reads the blog dropped by too). Dan had friends from out of town who drove in.

We were really touched by all the love and support. But it is still pretty tiring.

Last Sunday we got a desperate S.O.S from  my stepdaughter, one of her cats, the adorable Mr. Nibbles was dying.

We found an emergency veteneray hospital, drove down to meet her, and went to the hospital. The poor thing was having convulsions and the diabetes was too far along.

We cried a lot and hugged Mr.Nibbles until he went to cat heaven. I don't have a picture handy but I will get one and show you what a cutie he was. And still is.

As for work...I've learned a lot of new processes in the last few months and surprisingly things seem to be falling into place. That makes for more pleasant work days!

Last week on my way to my Dad's place...I saw this.....

Nice dress and vintage inspired too!

Take a closer look at the skirt...
It is a Christmassy Winter Village!
With snow!
Oh my!
So Soon???


Cheapchick said...

Sorry about your motherinlaw and the kitty. Glad you are posting again. Take care

Amy Lavender Harris said...

Condolences, Valerie. Hope there's some clearer saling ahead.

Kelly Jackson said...

Oh wow, it's been a long time since I've checked in. My sincerest condolences over the passing of your mother-in-law and family kitty. So hard. That dress is gorgeous. But like you, I'm not ready for winter yet! Xo