Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thrifted! I love surprise thrifting!

Really! Who doesn't?

So last Friday on our way to my official B-Day dinner, I stopped at my usual thrift joint...

I was happy that the bag check lady was not at her post...the locals were calm and smooth....

And I found these gems!

                                               oooooohhhhhh! Amazing blowmold action!

                                              Who knew Santa had blue eyes??? Not me!

Le Creuset escargot dishes. I see quite a lot of scratched and used
Le Creuset but usually  escargot dishes are spotless because let's face it
people don't serve snails that often.
and finally a Pyrex 2 cups glass measuring cup. I had a Fireking one that
cracked and died not so long ago, so cool buy for a buck.
I hope to post again soon about my B-Day supper....
Culinary heaven.