Thursday, August 22, 2013

B-Day Loot

Yes it is my B-Day today. My official age doesn't match how I feel AT ALL!

I had a great day overall and was surprised by my co-workers with a musical card playing Celebration by Kool & The Gang. This is kinda of my theme song at work making me remember that I should celebrate each day and even each crappy case.

Dan surprised me with a great SWATCH watch this morning

                                                    Sorry the pic is a bit fuzzy
                                         I LOVE watches, I have a lot and went through an ebay phase not long ago
                              and I bought a lot of cheap watches to match my outfits!

                                                   I also got a car phone charger with 2 ports and this

A Pyrex Xmas bowl full of goodies I love!
Last week I was going through the kitchen cabinets and Dan asked what I was doing...
and I said: I'm looking for some gummy bears, do we have gummy bears, gummy bears would be so good right now!!!
 I didn't find any as we don't have a lot of sugar in the house as a rule... but now I have gummies....
And I got a cupcake, a glorious cupcake with lemon icing.
I think it sang in my mouth!
Well I still need to get up and go to work tomorrow!
There will be thrifting!  


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy every minute of it and good luck with thrifting this weekend!!

Cheapchick said...

Happy late BDay Mine was on Monday. Hubby spoiled me, plus gave me cheesecake and chocolate! I am like you, we don't keep treats in the house except on rare occasion.

Jill said...

Sounds like it was a perfect day, hope it carries through to the weekend!

Amy Lavender Harris said...

Happy birthday, Valerie! And best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!