Saturday, August 10, 2013


So my staycation is nearly over...and it was a fabulous one!

Next year a staycation it will be, but 3 weeks of gardenning,laughter,car rides,naps and restaurants.

I got a thrifting surprise yesterday as we were early for a restaurant reservation and Dan said : I'll drop you off at Renaissance....Thrifting? Yes sir!

                               Here's my loot.
                               A 7UP Uncola glass (I always like those) A Rosti melamine utensil holder, if
                              you ask me it would make a rad vase!
                             A salt pig, these are all the rage on the cooking shows and I wanted to try one for a while so I figured 1.50$ was better than 20$. If I don't like it it will go to the church basement in a jiffy. And last but not least a cute Fireking cereal bowl....I will keep it for myself!

                             Oh I forgot! I also found a tackylicious Xmas decoration for my cubicle!

                            Well the break is over! We are prepping for a BBQ family gathering later this afternoon, I gotta keep cooking and must chill some drinks!

                            Have a sunny saturday!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Cool finds! Never heard of a salt pig, I'll have to look it up! Sometimes a staycation is more fun then going away!


Mick said...

That "uncola" glass is super cool! glad you had a good "staycation"!

Jill said...

I'm with Linda! I've never heard of a salt pig either!