Thursday, August 1, 2013

More taste of vacation

So yesterday we had a big day downtown and wanted to enjoy some foodtruck grub.

Now Dan has never tried food from a food truc and was really eager for the experience

We were there by 11:13 am. At around 11:25 they told people that they would be opening by 12:00 pm. Not Nice, if they say they will be there by 11:00 am I expect food soon after!

By 11:45 am we got news that they were waiting for a delivery and when they got it the pork would'nt be available for quite a while.....We had some appointment so off we went...

To Mr. Steer on Ste-Catherine st.

                                            This is definitely a Montreal classic.

                                            no 2 medium suzy ( a Steerburger cooked medium with suzie q fries)

                                             Of course you can get it with other stuff on it, like bacon, cheese,beans)
                                             My fave is just as is. An added bonus they renovated the place!
                                             After 30 years....for my taste it lacked personality....

                                             Oh well ! It  is what it is! Be well :)

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well the burger looks good. Sorry about the food truck, that would be disappointing for sure!