Saturday, December 28, 2013

Boxing week deals

I hope everyone and a wonderful Xmas  and had the opportunity to rest a bit.

Today I'm happy to say that I rested and did stuff not related to the Holidays. Don't get me wrong!
I loooooovvvveeee Xmas but I find that I need more time to prepare joyfully.

We have been engaged  in a wintery marathon of shopping,working,baking,cooking,shovelling, de-icing, working,decorating and trying to stay thrifty and sane.

And even with all the running around the house was not as christmassy as I wanted it!

                                            Here is a little Xmas vignette in the hall
                                            Do you recognize Henry the Xmas Elf?

                                            Now this being Boxing week, I was curious to see what had happened
                                              to the $120 cookies! The glass jars were gone.....all of them
                                             But  spotted this                             
                                               This is the sibbling of he glass jar $120 also
                                              A bargain at $59.00

Now for that furry frend in your life....

 A steal at $49.00!!!

Now just down the road is Ogilvy's another luxury departement store....
It is as you remember the place where I saw the $145 pannetone. That was gone too!
But I saw something far better!
I give you the most cake (pannetone) I have ever seen
Your eyes are not deceiving yourself!
And it was sitting on this cake stand
And since the cake was so expensive, I for just a minute, thought that
the cake stand was included
But no

From $95 reduced to $66.50
 I got my cake stand for $3 in an flea market....
Makes you think!
I might get to thrift later this afternoon

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Jill said...

Those are crazy prices, don't think that's a store I would be checking out very often!