Monday, December 16, 2013

You just never know

Saturday was the most amazing day!

We got up early and finished the Xmas lights outside, in minus 20 Celsius, this is quite an achievement....

Then we brought the Xmas tree from the basement, and installed it (still not finished but working on it).

Later that day we had a line dancing party and on our way, it was still quite early, we spotted a thrift shop (squeals of joy)

I found this cutie pie...

                                             I had never seen one like this before. I plan to group
                                            Santa blowmolds in a gaggle or clodder.
                                             Now what do you call a group of Santas???

                                At the party I won this HUGE fruit basket!

                                 I gave some to a friend but I am still struggling with finding uses for all this fruit!

There will be cinamon apples and pear compote! NICE

Have a great night and stay warm!!!


Jill said...

I have never seen that one either! He's cute!

It's freezing here too!

Cheapchick said...

Holy fruit basket! Great Santa find, Cheers and Merry Christmas!