Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Quebec City Joy

As a small child my mom would take me to Quebec City for weekends.

It was the 70's and I had a hat with a huge pompom made of navy and kelly green phentex. I remember the clean crisp air, sleeping in a small inn called the Old Homestead Inn. Actually it is the Old Homestead Hotel on Ste-Anne Street accross fom the Chateau Champlain.

Fast forward a couple of years: My dad had a work conference at the Chateau Champlain and he took us. I remember thinking that it was not that luxurious and I was missing the Old Homestead!

Next door a guy was chain smoking cigars, the smoke was wafting through the communicating door...and you would hear the toilet flushing each and every time!

My favorite was to enjoy Quebec City is by walking along the steets of the Basse Ville (lower city) and Le Petit Champlain.

Le Petit Champlain is actually were the city of Quebec was first established.

                                             It reminds me of Paris with snow.
                                              The word that describes Quebec City the best in
                                     my opinion is charming .                                 
                                             Everywhere you look are quaint little shops and restaurants.
                                             Cure B&Bs.
                                             I was so sure it would be all touristy trap but
                                              I was pleasantly surprised!
                                             We had a great supper at a french bistro called
                                              Au Cochon Dingue (the crazy pig), the food was
                                              great and affordable and you can read my review
                                              in trip advisor.
                                            The view was not so geat from the hotel but
                                            it was clean and the staff friendly!

                                            We're already plotting to go back! lol!
                                             We will go back to Au Cochon Dingue and I will have the
                                              Maple Glazed ribs with potato skins, oh yes!
                                             Now time for Cuthroat Kitchen!

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

I have only been to Montreal but would love to visit Quebec City!