Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Funny Food

To tell the truth I had no idea how to title this post.

The jist of it is that on the looooonnnnnggggg Easter weekend we don't have a lot of people over, we renovate!!!

This year's project was to replace the walk-in closet's old carpet and to clean it out!

Mission accomplished! We brought 4 large garbage bags to the church basement, removed the carpet, installed vinyl flooring, painted the molding, reinstalled said molding and cleaned the house.

Being Easter Dan had to open his big ol' mouth and invite his daughter for Easter supper....

So I kept it simple

                                                Olives and lupimis in sidedish Pyrex restaurant ware (of course)

                               I took this appetizer idea from the Rachael Ray show where they would stuff
                               mini bell peppers with refried beans. So I made a batch of hummus, stuffed it
                               in a zipper bag and used it to pipe the hummus in the veggies.

                              Some of it looks like diarrea! Really! we laughed so much! But it was served in a Red Kettle serving Pyrex plate so that makes it alllllll better!!!
                                I made a beautiful bone-in ham but did nor think of taking pictures.

                               As for the dessert.....I decided to make a lemon meringue pie from a mix, because
                                that is the tradition. For some reason, I didn't get enough meringue and my oven turned it greyish instead of browned, but it tasted beautiful!

                                 Thank God for Easter miracles!

                                 Be well my thrifty friends!


Jill said...

Sometimes meringue turns out good, sometimes not so good - I know what you mean, it can look bad but still taste good!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Hey if you serve food on Pyrex it must be good. My Grandson loves hummus and so I may try it on veggies for him. Hugs, Linda

Cheapchick said...

You accomplished a lot! Lemon meringue - my absolute favorite!