Monday, December 29, 2014

Crafty TCB

Well, Xmas is over and just a warm fuzzy memory and the New Year is just a stone throw away.

I cooked and baked so much that the skin on my entire body felt covered in flour...

Everybody appreciated and got their seasonnal goodies...

                                     Henry found a new friend Stella of Elf on a Shelf  fame.
                                       I sure hope he behaves!

I made a fresh and lovely lunch of grilled shrimp and quinoa salad
                                                   And Dan made this lovely super cute birch tree for Dad.
                                                The Etsy shop might take a new direction!
                                                 I'm thinking all kinds of birch accessories!

                                                  So for now , good night and sleep tight!


Cheapchick said...

I love the little birch tree! And the fox. My Mom has a vintage elf she puts out every year - she knows that if she ever wants to downsize him I would be happy to take him in lol.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the little birch cute! Enjoy your week!

Mick said...

Merry late Christmas, and Happy New a Year!