Tuesday, December 23, 2014


2014 was the suckyest thrifting year for little old me. There were no BIG finds and in a way that is fine since I decided to put the store on hiatus.
But I love a day where all the thrifting stars align and you find good stuff! You just need to appear and pouf! Thrifting magic!
So that’s just what happened on Saturday….We took a small roadtrip to drop a box of donation at the Value Village in Cornwall and cross the bridge for some U.S. groceries….
But our first stop was Michael’s for a Xmas Peanuts flag…I lost mine to a windstorm 2 christmasses ago….I have no idea why they don’t carry seasonal flags , they have Friends and Welcome but no Christmassy joy (SUPER DOUBLE BUMMER)
So back in the car and on to Value Village…I drop my box and went in not expecting much…There was a lot of gooood stuff
But especially a vintage Xmas tree stand new in a box from Zellers. We had the same one , until it rusted out and died and we bought a big ass Xmas tree stand that is super ugly nut the tree never tips over…My step daughter wanted one for a small tree and the price was right at $2.00 ($3.99 minus 50% off).
I also grabbed one of those mixed bags for $1.99 and I was thrilled to find this mini pitcher (creamer) that had been on my thrift bucket list for many years, ever since I bought its big bro in a church basement in Moncton NB…That takes us back to 1988 !
There were 2 other knickknacks that will re-enter the wheel of thrifting pretty soon….

We also stopped at the Salvation Army and I wa lucky enough to find this
Vintage exterior light set , new in the box for $2.00
I will use it to replace one of my sets that is cracking under the weather strain.
Last but certainl not least...
This is a blowmold vignette that Dan set up for me.
It fills me up with JOY!!!

                                  I'm off to watch TV because I need to get off my feet. I just came out of
                                 a Xmas cooking marathon! I made cranberry orange bread, cranberry fudge, mini cheese balls and Pfeffernusse dough (I will bake the cookies tomorrow as they taste better the same day).

Tomorrow I will cook the turkey, stuffing and Monte Carlo potatoes....Good times!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Don't you just love it when the thrifting luck strikes! The little red pitcher is adorable. I think one of the other items is an egg cup? It looks interesting if it is. Anyway, wishing you a Lovely Christmas full of JOY! I'm flying home today and can't wait to see family tomorrow!

Cheapchick said...

Love the snow mold circle - hope you are feeling better soon. My only good find recently was 8 vintage feather tree glass balls that were stuck in with some horrid modern Christmas decorations - bought them on 50% off day so only paid $2 to add to my vintage glass Christmas bauble collection. Cheers!