Saturday, February 14, 2015

All Done

Well it is finally over!

Tomorrow we will drop off the balance of the Etsy shop's inventory. As much as I had fun with this little shop as much I am glad that it is over.

In the end the boxes were just suffocating. Too much stuff!

Funny what was my train of thought:

First it was: I will put the shop on haitus

Second: I will only keep the Xmas stuff


Of course I kept my favorite pieces....

Of course I may change my mind along the way....

We never know!

Be well in faith that everything will be all rigth


Linda @ A La Carte said...

When I closed my Etsy shop I put everything in boxes. Slowly I've gotten rid of most of it. I still have a few things left but I'm about ready to donate them. It's freeing to me to let it all go!

Cheapchick said...

Postage has killed many Canadian ETSY shops I'm afraid. It doesn't mean you can't keep hunting for yourself though

Mom Wald said...

Just make sure to keep what you like. I thought I would be able to replace a lot I dispersed when we moved. Nope.

You are going to feel so much better without that hanging over your head. Now you can just have fun!