Monday, February 9, 2015


When I was a little girl, my Dad would take me to Howard Johnson's restaurant for supper in December after Xmas shopping.

I would get the London Bridge (a hot dog from the kids menu ) and peppermint ice cream with chocolate chips.

I think my Dad ordered baked beans that came with a side order of brown round bread. You could buy the bread to take home and it came in a can.

Well on a road trip to the U.S. a looooooonnnnggg time ago I got a can of this wondrous bread. It might have 15 years ago....I don't know for sure.

There is a 1998 copyright on the can which that I couldn't have bought this before ....

The can is not dented. Now tell me would you open it?

I looked up the brand on line and was happy to find out it is manufacture in Portland Maine !
And while I was visiting their web site , I sent them an email for self life....
We will see

On a related subject my Dad told me he found some bouillon cubes in his pantry that were 15 years old...
It runs in the family!!! 


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I would not open it but that is me. I found tons of very old cans in my Mom's pantry when we cleaned it out to move. Cute story!


Cheapchick said...

Moving every few years I think the oldest thing in my cupboard is about 1 year old - still plenty safe. I eat yogurt and eggs well past their safe date, not sure about the raisin bread though. 1998 is pretty old :)