Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A good kick in the pants

Nothing gives you a good kick in the pants like putting your house for sale!

Stupid TLC and HGTV!!! I blame them for those buyers who want everything done for them!


I understand that the house must be clean but everything brand spankin' new? No way hosé!

So over the weekend we scrubbed and painted and I changed (finally) the kitchen faucet...yes the one that had been dripping for years....

And now that the interior is mostly done we need to take care of outside...raking leaves and painting,staining.....

We are really happy with what is being accomplished and we plan to keep everything squeeky clean...

                                          The old kitchen faucet had been dripping for years....and even
                                           when we tried to fix it, it was not cooperative! We tugged and pulled
                                           for more than 4 hours and we were not able to pull out the old
                                           cartridge. When i turned the water back on, the faucet was not dripping
                                           anymore...but that miracle lasted only 2 weeks.
                                          Enter the new faucet! With an integrated  veggie shower it
                                          was pretty easy to install once Dan was able to remove the old one.
                                          I started but didn't have the strength.
                                          So this gives me another faucet under my belt...so in the last 10 years I've
                                          installed  4 faucets. Not bad!

                                          As for light fixtures...I've installed 10 light fixtures and rewired 3 lamps in the
                                          same time period not counting dimmers. I quite enjoy working with electric                                                   thingies and if I had to start over today I would probably take an electrician                                                   course.

                                          We still need to wash windows....



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I do not envy you selling your home. I hope to never do that again. At my age I'm a happy renter.

Cheapchick said...

I hate buying and selling homes but you guys are speeding along and it will all be over soon enough :) The new faucet looks great!