Sunday, April 12, 2015

Major Progress

We had an amazing weekend!

We worked very very hard on the house. Since we rented a storage space last week, we had to start moving boxes! Loads of boxes! As an added bonus we had the use of a minivan.

Unfortunately the picture of the full minivan did not make it. But the picture of the storage space did!

                                          It is much bigger than the picture shows, but you can see 2 blowmolds!

                                          We moved more than 30 boxes today, an outdoor love seat and
                                           an antique bed frame.
                                           I am so tired I have problems getting around but I think that with a couple of
                                           liqui-gels I should be A-Okay!
                                           For supper I was really please with myself that I thought of cutting veggies
                                           before to add to the grilled chicken salad .

                                Here are some Pyrex bowls waiting to be packed.

                               I will be visiting Bath and Body works tomorrow at lunch and I am super excited!
                               I got a gift card @ Xmas!

                               Be well and sleep tight!

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Great progress! I hate packing but after moving myself and then my Mom I'm an expert!! Keep going, you are doing great!