Monday, May 18, 2015

So Cool, WOOWZA, and I can't believe this!!!

To tell you the truth, I wasn't after a title this long, I wanted something short and to the point.

The house is sold, 9 days on the market, and we got the full asking price. We had less than 10 visits and 3 offers on the same day, which is really cooky in my book!

We actually had an above asking price offer. but the buyer had never visited the house and we felt it was suspicious.

Since I will be leaving the Outaouais shore there are some things I will be missing and I found that I had made an unofficial bucket list in my mind!

                                           On top of my list was : take advantage of ALL seasonal  blooms!

         Our lilac had a falling out 2 years ago but new branches grew last year just in time to give us new blooms!

       So  now it is lily of the valley time and I decided to enjoy it to the MAX!
                                  I have enough blooms a least to fill out 2 or 3 more Mason jars!
                                          Now on the down side. We had noticed that Yoda was losing weight and we decided to weight her every week just to make sure we weren't cray-cray!!!

There was definitely something wrong with her and after some tests , she was diagnosed as diabetic.

Based on her age and condition, and our experience we decided to start treatment and see where it would leas us. We had a diabetic cat about 14 years ago and he lived to be 21!

So this is truly a one day at a time situation.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well yay on the house selling and Nay on Yoda having Diabetes! At least you have experience with it. So much going on right??


Cheapchick said...

I am so sorry about your fur baby but at least you have experience with diabetic cats. I am SO happy about your house selling though! I am with you, someone who makes an offer that has never seen it? Likely something would have definitely gone wrong there.