Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Checking the list

Hi there!

We all know that Christmas is as inevitable as taxes and death...It will come no matter what!

Am I ready? Kinda.

95% of gifts are wrapped, stockings are full, cookies baked (mostly).

I am still adjusting to my new oven. It is so good that I have to relearn old stand byes.

My trusted caramel corn recipe flopped. It wasn't crunchy and overall blah.

I tried it again and this time it tasted like meat....how freaky is that? I tasted the popped corn, the brown sugar, the corn syrup...everything tasted the same!

Except the BUTTER! The butter, brand new pound, never frozen, tasted like crap!

I have been cooking for 30 years and I have never had CRAP butter! What's up with that?

With our combined big yaps, word spread around and we gathered 2 other tales of CRAP butter, one with black spots and one with green streaks....How nice!

It seems that Quebec dairy farmers reached their quotas and there is a shortage of butter (hush, hush of course) and that the butter, some of it at least, is being sourced from less than reliable sources....

So a word of advice, keep your receipt and taste your butter before using it. I finally made a third batch but most of it was already spoken for....so there is none left (except the so-so first batch).

I don't think I will have enough time to make some more....

Otherwise the tree is all finished and the village too.

It is the same as when I was a child. It
smells great. Next year I will buy my tree from
the same couple; my Dad has been buying his tree from 
them for 25 years.

I'll finish watching Scrooge and then off to bed I'll go.

You should do the same, so you'll wake up all refreshed!  

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Cheapchick said...

Your tree is beautiful! I made toffee corn twists and it ended up all going to the kids...might like to make another batch for us but too many goodies in the house already. Merry Christmas!