Sunday, August 14, 2016


Whoa time flies!

I have been on a progressive return to work and it is okay. Not the big love affair with my job, but I could be doing a lot worse!

People are actually nicer to me....Maybe they're scared I will implode or something....

Here's what I've been up to:

I realized I had 2 big celery bunches that were near the point of no return.....

I chopped it, and bagged it to be frozen to add to soups.

I dehydrated the celery leaves. They will add a lot of flavor to
soups ans stews.

 I regularly buy bunches of dill but I find they go icky really fast.
This time I just threw the leftovers in the dehydrator!

 Here's the celery bits all ready for the freezer.

 Do you know Tasty? It's on Facebook and on YouTube.
They have really fast and tasty recipes, this one is eggplant rollatini with
ricotta cheese and lemon zest! DELICIOUS!

 I still had a lot of raw almonds from my Dad's fridge...
I made some homemade Tamari Almonds
 Easy and tasty!

Here's a link for the recipe  

Nothing new on the thrifting front....

Oh well! 

Havea great evening !


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Glad going back to work is going OK! You have been busy in the kitchen!

Cheryl said...

Drooling... oh my goodness such yummy looking photos! I'd sit and eat all of those nuts in one sitting.... yum-yum!!!

Cheapchick said...

Supper looks fabulous! Speaking of wilting celery I think it might be a soup night as I bought some the other day that is already looking wilty. I have never froze celery - you've inspired me!