Friday, September 9, 2016

Time Flies

I was in shock to see I last blogged on August 14th! Whoa, time sure flies!

And it is not like I wanted a break....I wanted to blog 20 times and then I did other stuff!

So I'm back at work full time, and it is a-okay. the succession is still active and and I have no idea what is going on and that is okay too.

I've let go of a lot of issues and problems...and what do you know? They have a life of their own and fix themselves when I let them be!

We are cleaning out the basement, my Dad's , of course and fortunately there isn't a lot of things!

I found about 15 bottles of wine made by my Dad's Portuguese gardener...They are about 10 years old and did not age as well as they should.....

I also found this...

 A vintage Miss Piggy mug!, yes in my Dad's basement, all by herself...
I remember that he loved Miss Piggy and she made him laugh...

 The grapes are ready to harvest but they taste like crap!
This is the Concord grape variety...
Maybe they lacked water, they are small and very sour!
I remember making some fantastic concord grape jelly...

I made Potsticker Noodle Bowl from Iowa Girl eats

It was easy and so yummy....I will be making this recipe very often!

Here's the link : Potsticker noodle bowl 

This girl has some really great recipes, even if your are not Gluten challenged.

The recipe calls for a bag of coleslaw mix...I used to get that in my deep, deep suburbia
for .99cents...Now that I live in the city, I can.t find any!
How crazy is that?
Don't the manbun hipster people eat coleslaw???
Thank God I had a cabbage and carrots in the fridge!!!  

 also added a couple of teaspoons of toasted sesame oil...and some sprouted mung beans

Another lovely weekend is upon us and I have a load in the dryer!

Take care!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Life just gets busy! I'm glad you continue to blog and keep updating your life. Love the Miss Piggy mug!! That potsticker dish looks yummy!!

Cheapchick said...

That looks tasty! I make veggie/meat stifry and then add in boiled chow mein noodles at the end with stir fry sauce, one of my easy night meals. I guess it doesn't help to worry but we all do it. Glad to hear you are back at work and trying not to get stressed about it. Take care my friend!