Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Catching up!

Wow! Already September 18th!

Back in late August, I celebrated my 51st birthday. That is such a strange number, I feel 35 years old at most!

I got beautiful and surprising gifts!

such as....

Yes faithful readers the Le Creuset gods gifted me a beautiful turquoise braiser .

in its original box no less!

 This had been on my bucket list ever since I saw Jamie Oliver cook with one.
Dan said: I hope you won't get mad because it costs a lot of money...
Why would I get mad it is not my money after all!
Love it!

I also got lots of goodies from Vero, which I use and love!

This is so cute! it is a portable desk grill with all the accessories....
When life at the office is super dry and boring, I re-arrange it.

 I've hated my Dad's fridge from the get go.

even if it was fairly recent, my Dad had it fixed twice and
all the veggies in the crispers would freeze anyways.

It was cracked inside and super noisy...
so it was not a big surprise when it went dead on
Labor Day!

 It just made a lot of noise and stopped cooling on top.
The freezer kept freezing, thank god!

We managed to keep our food cool with the help of our back up fridge
(downstairs) and a cooler.
I have to tell you that going down the stairs
15 times to prepare dinner was a real bummer!

Here is the new fridge
I love it but it is not the one I wanted...
It just didn't fit!

new fridge smell, even better than new car smell!

Sleep tight!


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Yes, the new fridge smell is better than the new car smell!
Happy (belated) birthday. I also turned 51 this year. It's a good age.

Cheapchick said...

Happy Birthday! Your husband sounds like mine, lol, spending too much money on me. Enjoy your new fridge too! Probably way more efficient so you might even save money.