Monday, September 26, 2016

In the garden

Every week, I make the garden a little bit more mine.

It is hard because I feel Dad everywhere but I am sure he would agree with my changes.

I think in the last few years he got lazy and just didn't bother with varied plant choices....

The garden is in dire need of fertilizer ! Which I will apply shortly .

 And it needs color, but it is harder since it is a shade garden...
I decided to put a pumpkin for fall color...
Those darn squirrels did quite to party with it...

The mums are doing better!

 I planted most of my spring bulbs: Snowdrops, crocuses,
bluebells....and a few bare root astilbes.
Like this one....It will be pink

Of course I am crossing my fingers!

This morning I went to visit Yoda at the vet.
She spent the weekend there....

Since she's diabetic and had diarrhea and some vomiting
for a couple of was best they keep her to monitor the situation.

This morning she ate dry food and moist food and tried to make a break for it!
She is on the mend!
her cat friends miss her....

I had to replace my old laptop and I finally figured out how to add pictures to
my blog posts, with help of course, and hopefully I will post more often!

Take care! 


Cheapchick said...

I hope Yoda gets home soon. Perhaps your dad fed the squirrels? Funny, we were out at our local farm market yesterday and their field of pumpkins is right next door. Apparently the squirrels there like the pumpkins too as I saw one eaten just like yours :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm sure your Dad is happy you are making the garden your own!! I hope Yoda is feeling better and home soon. Oh and squirrels love to eat pumpkins!! too funny!