Sunday, October 2, 2016


I love Fall!

I love the chill in the air (especially since I spent the summer drenched), the colors, the food (I love soup).

In the past week we had 2 cats at the vet so we are back to a super tight budget. I don't really mind because last year clothes still fit me...

and this is a miracle! The pantry and the freezer are full of staples and I have access to really cheap food.

Some of it is border line expired, so I cook it when I bring it home or I freeze it.

I want to  share some of my favorite plants I spotted while walking

 I truly wish I had tons of decorative cabbages

 Oleanders always remind me of Italy.
That's what Rome smells like. 
Their smell is enchanting.

Near my house there is a cat cafe Le Chat L'Heureux (the happy kitties) I walk past it every day.

I wish you a peaceful night and a sunny Monday

I will pack our lunches for tomorrow while watching Fear of the Walking Dead.

Are any of you watching it? What are your thoughts?


Cheapchick said...

I am sorry your kitties need to go to the vet.. and really sorry about the bills. Nice to know you can tighten the belt though and make it through. I am trying to have a lower spend month in anticipation of possible emergency trip to Edmonton as my Mother-inlaw is just getting worse by the day. Hubby was only there last weekend. I am stopping all unnecessary spending just in case.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love the cat cafe and the cat in the window. Those cabbages are really pretty this time of year. Hope all is well with you and I too have to tighten my budget when medical expenses arise! Hugs!