Saturday, October 8, 2016

Seen around

This post has been long overdue! how you

My neighborhood is super quirky and you never know what you might find!
 I love walking home and I take the same route most every day.
Funny how you can walk by something every day and not notice it...

 Yes your eyes are not deceiving you!
It is a mannequin sitting on the ledge of this building with a bucket on
its head! FAR OUT!

Besides this awesome sighting, life is what it is.
you get up , feed the pets, go to work, 
go home, pay the bills, watch tv and go to sleep.
And do it all over the next day. It does sound terribly boring
but I enjoy it.
I love the structure of the routine.

On the food front I am deeply obsessed by Indian food.
I don't know why but I dream of the spices, the heat and the comfort.

 Yesterday I made curried chickpeas with cauliflower stew.
This hit the spot! I added some sriracha sauce for some heat
and served it over basmati rice and Tikka Masala turkey breast.

 I saw this Barbie cake in a nearby bakery.
I don't like this bakery because the owner looks dirty
(her nose is full of HUGE blackheads)
and she reeks of smoke. And let's face it the cake looks way too
handmade (Pinterest fail)

I also saw this cruddy but vintage oven on the sidewalk.
I love the design and I am sad it is ending its life that way 

I will go in a Quebec road trip to Saint- Barthelemy village.....

(100,000.00 pieces of antique hardware)

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Cheapchick said...

Road trip! With antiques! You do live in a neat quirky neighborhood. I NEED to go to Montreal one day.