Friday, October 28, 2016

Being Prepared

I first developed what I call the squirrel complex in 1998.

It was probably already dormant, but it really exploded when I lost my job....

All I wanted to do was preserve food!

That year I canned so much food! Green and yellow beans, tomatoes, beets, turnip with beats, pickles, more pickles and more pickles...

I was convinced the apocalypse was upon us (okay not really but you know...we cope how we can)

Well the apocalypse did not come, I found another job and life continued...

since then I've preserved a lot of food, fails and successes....Apple sauce and chicken stock HUGE

FAILS!!!! I guess I needed a pressure cooker.....

I am super scared of the pressure cooker because my family seems to be cursed by it...Explosions, holes in the ceiling, baked beans tucked in the walls....purple beet ceilings

So this year I mostly dried herbs, dried hash browns and I am trying to keep my mini pantry well stocked.

It means I keep a close eye on things.

It is not much but I keep

4  X 26 oz tomato cans

4 boxes of chicken stock

1 bag of potato flakes

2 kilo bags of basmati rice

2 packages of potato gnocchi

several cans of tuna

2 quarts of hash browns

a lot of cat food. canned and dry

10 gallons of water

3 months of prescription meds

and I have boxed mac n cheese and some Indian ready to eat dishes.

So we should be okay for at least 72 hours.

On the day to day basis...I try to cook a couple of dishes on Friday or Saturday so I don t have to worry about lunches and suppers throughout the week.

It has been great blogging tonight!

I hope I will blog tomorrow too!  


Cheapchick said...

I stockpile on a small basis, used to stockpile more. I have enough rice for a year (literally or a couple of weeks feeding whole neighborhood, bought 10 kg about a year ago) and sugar and flour but canned goods I keep a couple of weeks worth only. I think of the rice as my food insurance policy :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think it's a comfort to know you have back up food just in case! I don't have as much as you but several canned items and boxed things. Good to have you back bloging!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

It's comforting to have a decent supply of some things in stock. I get that urge this time of year!