Sunday, February 19, 2017

The rack

It occurred to me that it was about time I shared some pictures of my apartment.

I have a lot of custom quirky details....

Like the rack

 There isn't really a lot of cabinets to put pots
and pans, so Dad had this installed when he was living there.
We lowered it and now this is where the pots,
pans and strainers hang out (get it?)

 In the background you can see my Turquoise and Butterprint Pyrex
and yes that is Pyrex in the cabinet!

At one point the kitchen was yellow...but Dad got sick of it
and had some faux finish done on all the wall and cabinets.....

I am not a big fan! lol

Oh well one thing at a time!

Be well!

1 comment:

Cheapchick said...

The good thing about finishes on cabinets is that they can be sanded/painted over...eventually! I think a pot rack would be a great idea. I hate trying to ind them in the back of the cupboards